Friday, February 25, 2011

i will create a customize twitter or youtube back image for you.

One of the keys to being popular on Twitter or YouTube is presentation. Having a unique, informative, eye-catching background image can help sway people to follow you. I will make you a customized Twitter or YouTube background image for $25.

Take 3~4days to create ( customize )

Contact : rene@ 98207168 / / skype : biz-talk.

I will install a Aweber like Autoresponder for you for 50 dollars.


For those of you who run a business, whether online or offline. You will know by now that customer followup is crucial. Having your customer´s email and following-up with them on the latests product or services can make or break your business.

If you are currently subscriibing to Autoresponder service such as Aweber and getresponds, congratulations to you. You are on the right track and i hope your business will continue to grow each day. However, if you are on a budget or trying to do some cost savings. I´ve got new for you. Why not install a full feature Autoresponder script yourself and do away with all the monthly charges forever!!!.

Well...this is exactly what i am offering you today. For just S$50, one time. I will install a fully functional Autoresonder for you. ( software and installation only ) Pls note that you will need to have your own domain and hosting that supports mysql database on a unix platform. If this sound greek to you its ok. Simply give me your hosting acount information and i can check it out for you. ( no charge if program don´t work )

If you are an absolute newbie to the Autoresponder system , Pls contact me for a comprehensive discussion and quote. ( no obligation )

Some of our key features includes :

1. Automatic lead capture ( multiple fields )
2. Automatic followup ( sequentual email )
3. Link tracking
3. Mulitple domain names
4. Broadcasting
5. Single or double opt in
6. Pop up creator
7. Unlimited followup message creation ( text or html )

Contact me now : rene @ 98207168 / / skype : biz-talk.


System Requirements

Apache web server running Linux (Most hosts support this)

Your own CGI-BIN folder, although most hosts allow you to use any folder!

MySQL (at least 3.23)

Perl 5.005 or greater and modules:


GD (required for diagrams)

XML::Parser (required for XML import tool)

FTP access for installing and configuring

Sendmail, Qmail, or SMTP

Ideally the ability to setup a cron job (scheduled task), this is normally done easily in your host´s control panel/cpanel.

Cron jobs are used to send out the sequential emails.

Contact me now @ / skype : biz-talk

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Run an online IT support business

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Thank you for visiting my ads. Ever wanted to setup an IT business but lack the capital or technical expertise? What if you could partner a USA online education and IT services company with all the technical infrastructure and support ( 24/7/365 ) and they are willing to share 25% of their profit with you for being part of their marketing team.

Type of services :

1. Online video training for Social media and application softwares. ( free and paid options available )
2. One on one training ( via computer ) on IT related topics ( 24/7/365 )
3. Live interactive help to solve your computer and IT problems. ( remote help ) no need to bring your computer to a repairman anymore. ( 24/7/365 )
4. Viral marketing to promote your business.

Who need our services:

1. Silver hair generation or baby boomers who want to learn IT ( learn it home )
2. Home makers who want to make extra money to supplement the home expenditure
3. Self employed or anyone who wants to make money online
4. Companies with limited budget to hire full time IT personal. ( use our pay per minute services )
5. Busy executive who need to solve their computer problems fast. ( 24/7/365 )

For more information on how to become part of our team , Listen into our Bi-weekly live web seminar ( see schedule below ) or contact Rene@65-98207168. ( singapore )

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to run an online IT business.

Welcome to our bi-weekly biz presentation!

For your convenience, one invitation link for all the webinars listed.



Perth 10AM & 6PM / Adelaide 11.30AM & 7.30PM/
Sydney & Brisbane 12PM Noon & 8PM


London 3AM & 11AM / Karachi 7AM & 3PM / Mumbai 7.30AM & 3.30PM

Singapore - Malaysia - Philippines 10AM & 6PM / Auckland 2PM & 10PM

Register NOW at:

Please Note: Go by the times in this email for your region.

The times in our confirmation email are US times.

World Time Clock Link for Your Time Zone

Contact me for details : ( click on banner on the right )

Rene Ng
email :
Skype : biz-talk
Tel : 65-98207168

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